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43rd Belt Promotion Test

Friday, May 31st marked Spirit Taekwondo’s 43rd Belt Test! There were a total of 21 students showing off their skills for a new rank. And with certificates and balloons, EVERYBODY passed the challenge! Because of the large amount of testers, the belt test was split into two different groups. Earlier in the day, beginner ranks were promoted. Special recognition to the (current) yellow belts Ausum and Tayne for using the Taekwondo Tenet Integrity during the day! These young stars truly showed their instructors EVERY skill they have learned in the short while they have been training. Their poomsae demonstrated they are more than prepared for a new color belt. Shortly after that, advanced ranks were also tested. We had a total of FOUR red belts receive their advanced red belts!! They put on a great performance and are well on their way to black belt. Friday marked a significant point in development for their taekwondo careers. Altogether, the Spirit Instructors are very proud of all the promoted testers. Thank you to all who came to support our students! In front of every great performer is an outstanding audience.


Group Photos

Beginner Ranks

Advanced Ranks

Special Performance



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