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2019 USAT Nationals

Over the past couple months, a group of seven Spirit Animals have been rigorously training to compete at the USAT National Championships. This event was the biggest taekwondo event in the world, and Spirit Taekwondo was honored to bring athletes to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Traveling across the country for taekwondo was a huge privilege, and the opportunity to be surrounded by such high level athletes was amazing. Because of the large amount of participants, the competition was divided over the course of a week. We had different athletes perform on each day and experienced lots of growth! In total, we had Isaiah, Eduardo, and Sophia compete in World Class Black Belt sparring and Sport Poomsae, Renee compete in red belt sparring, Blake compete in both red belt poomsae and sparring, Jeramiah M. compete in red belt sparring, and Jeremiah W. compete in blue belt poomsae and sparring.

Big shoutout to Renee Barbosa for earning the title of National Champion in the Junior Women’s Red Belt Middle Weight division! She won against a hometown opponent in overtime. It was a very exciting match!

Congratulations to our other medalists, Blake and Jeremiah W. for their silver medals won in sparring. We are very proud of our little spirit animals!

Overall a fantastic event and we look forward to enjoying the rest of the summer!


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