Your journey begins as a white belt.   The white belt represents purity and  innocence of an individual about the art itself.  Like an empty vessel, you are ready to be filled with knowledge.  The belt also represents the open mindedness that each student must have in order to learn new things, and to be able to understand the complexities of daily life.

As each individual takes their own journey, consider your white belt is the canvas by which you will create your art.  With no preconceived thought to hinder yourself, it is easier to absorb new thoughts and concepts. In order to learn anything in life, an individual must always possess the curiosity, openness and intensity of a white belt.


We believe it is vital to provide a safe and welcoming environment to learn the art of Taekwondo or any martial art.  At Spirit Taekwondo, safety always comes first.  Ms Yasmin Brown's background in physiology working as a PTA helps to minimize any non contact injuries by focusing on proper balance, coordination, and core strength.  

Our students always use courtesy in welcoming new students and helping everyone on their path to learning.   You will always be shown respect and be treated with courtesy.  We all started as white belts and we are all here to help you along your path. 

"Showing off is a fool's idea of glory"

Bruce Lee

One of the core tenants we teach is humility.   Ego, judgements, and other negative elements are not tolerated within the school.  There will be other students of varying skill and ability, but know they have been practicing much longer and everybody has their own journey to take.   Regardless of rank or skill level, we are here to help each other through our journeys together as we all have our mountains to climb.  It is important to maintain the humility you feel as a white belt through all of your ranks.

Yellow Belt

The yellow belt represents gold, which means truth.  It is important that you be truthful (have integrity) to yourself.  Integrity means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.  When you train with integrity, you put forth your best effort always and day by day you will improve.  Training will only give back what you put into it.   

Green Belt

Your green belt represents growth.  Growth is necessary and essential for living.  Since growth is normally associated with change, we must accept changes although they may cause feelings of insecurity.  Memories of our achievements in Taekwondo serve many functions.   Techniques learned up to this point should be polished and refined; striving for constant self-improvement and growth.  Being a green belt reminds us that we are living, and that living is experiencing the future in little bits of the present, occurring one after another.  Having this presence and focus will take you on your next step in your journey.

Blue Belt

The blue belt is represents the sky or the ocean.  Although your naked eye can see only a portion of the vastness, this does not represent all there is.  The color blue depicts the mental depth you will have achieved on your journey so far.  Like the sea, we cannot see how deep the water is, or the continuously moving current underneath the surface.  You will have achieved the ability to do many moves and forms by now, but there will always be ways to improve upon them and fine-tune details as you continue on your path.  You may also hit a plateau where things become more and more difficult.  This is where perseverance will help.  Things will not come easy.  Can you put forth the work to reach the next stages of your journey?  You must be strong mentally and physically to conquer yourself.  

Red Belt

Your red belt represents the brightness and energy of the sun.  To harness that incredible energy you will need self control.  By now you will be able to perform many physical feats of skill.  Using courtesy and self control when dealing with anything in your life is important in maintaining harmony.  For example, in the school, we understand we spar with partners and not opponents.  Our partners are there to help us and we are there to help them.  When sparring with someone of different ranks, you must use courtesy and self control.  For if you have easily defeated a lower ranking partner, you have not won anything, but rather you have lost.  You lost the opportunity to improve yourself by working on aspects you may be weaker at while simultaneously giving your partner a better opportunity to improve themselves.

Black Belt

Congratulations!  You have achieved the level of black belt!  The black belt combines all of the belt colors and thus represents all of the various concepts of each belt color. It represents the commitment to the value system of the colors and the dignity that comes from pride in oneself.  This pride is achieved only through overcoming difficult tasks using a combination of physical achievement and mental determination.  Attaining the rank of black belt should be viewed as a new beginning; you are now finally ready to begin learning the martial arts using the tools that you have been given.

Through years of dedication, commitment, hard work, and self-discipline, the black belt instills a responsibility to one’s self and others. This responsibility is to pass on knowledge, experience, motivation and encouragement to other students without hesitation.  To treat others with courtesy at all times.  To always maintain humility and white belt's attitude towards the world.  To always use integrity in all that you do.  To attack everything with the same determination and perseverance you used in achieving your black belt.  To always maintain self control in your life in order to strive to maintain peace and harmony. 


You will have found your indomitable spirit, that part of you which makes you unique.  The part of you that provides hope, strength and courage to get up and face each day with a smile. Indomitable spirit is perseverance on a long term basis. Indomitable spirit is the spark that gives life.


A true black belt recognizes the fact that there is an infinite amount of knowledge remaining to be discovered.  To call one’s self a black belt with pride and integrity, one must endeavor to continue their relentless pursuit of personal development and growth, with consistency, sweat, and humility. 


Proud member of USA Taekwondo and World Taekwondo 

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