Whether you are an experienced Taekwondo competitor or have studied in another art, we are glad to have you join us.  In any martial arts, it is important to balance the Yin and the Yang:  the beauty and the combat.  Having instructors both proficient in both sides but specializing in one is having a great balance. 


While being an excellent poomse competitor, Mr Devin Nuedeck specializes in the combat and self defense aspects of Taekwondo.  Understanding techniques, strategies, and fighting principles that will help take your competitive sparring to the next level.  With the understanding that a well rounded fighter has to have situational awareness and many techniques and counter techniques in their arsenal.  We also welcome practitioners of other arts and love to share the different nuances in self defense and practical applications on the street as well as within competitive sparring.

Ms Yasmin took silver in her age and weight bracket at nationals in sparring.  However, her exceptional skills in poomse allow her to help fine-tune any poomse competitor's forms.  She can help you understand the nuances of each move and the accuracy of how each move must be performed while staying up to date up with the latest rule changes from the World Taekwondo Federation.  From stances and foot positions to waste and hip connection, understanding the body's power base and connecting to the core for maximum efficiency in all of your moves is a must for high level performance poomse.

A true master understands that it is the combination of the two sides and being able to incorporate both into the other to achieve a true balance is what Taekwondo is all about.  


Strength comes from connecting to your core.  Proper training to build functional strength.


Good athletes repeat until they get it right.  Champions repeat until they can't get it wrong.


A champion requires mental endurance is as important as physical endurance.  


Flexibility comes from strengthening and not just deep stretching.   We use the safe and proper way to achieve sky kicks.


The competition club is for the serious Taekwondo competitor.  We support our students and coach them through all fo the national USA Taekwondo tournaments.  




Proud member of USA Taekwondo and World Taekwondo 

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